NO Smoking
It is forbidden to smoke inside the cottages, in order to respect the stay of all occupants as well as the following, ashtrays are available on the outdoor terrace. Smoke detectors are present in the rooms.

Living / rules regarding noise: The tenant will ensure the peaceful character of the tenancy and to use it in the designated places. . The most important rule is that of common sense regarding compliance with the other. Rest and quiet are a priority. Do nothing that can affect the tranquillity of the neighbourhood, avoiding excessive noise or other nuisance, especially at night. Do not shout, do not climb stairs loudly, do not slam doors, pay attention to drafts .... Parents encourage their children not to be too turbulent in their games, so as not to disturb the tranquillity of other occupants ... Silence must be exercised between 23 pm and 8 am.

Various precautions: All amenities are available to you, you are asked to use it at the best, ensuring a normal and reasonable consumption.

Caution The cottages are connected to a septic tank: Apart toilet paper, nothing else should be discarded in the toilet and use only products consistent with a septic tank.

Heating and Ventilation: The cottage is equipped with mechanical ventilation coupled with a heat pump. To allow optimum operation both summer and winter, you are asked to keep windows of bathrooms closed . Do not change the thermostat settings. When there is thunder, remember to unplug the TV.

The layout: It was designed for optimum use for the duration and quality of your stay, bedding, furniture and miscellaneous objects shall not be transported outside of accommodation. The tenant will enjoy "good father" of the leased premises and furniture. The rental cottage is performed for a number of people. Some books and documentation constitute the library of the house and should stay inside.

Damages: If so, report it here during your stay. Immediately notify the owner of any loss and damage occurring in the leased premises, even if it results in no apparent damage. Package replacement: If you have not been able to replace it yourself broken items. Glass € 2, € 2 Plate, Salad Bowl € 4, € 2 Bowl, Cup € 2, Other: at replacement value.

Maintenance of the leased premises: Everyone is obliged to refrain from any action which might affect the cleanliness, hygiene and appearance of the site both inside and outside the premises and surrounding .
 The tenant is required to maintain the leased premises and return them in clean condition and repair at the end of rental enjoyment.

The day of departure: the tenant must leave the apartment cleaned, and observe the following : The furniture should be replaced, the dishwasher emptied and the dishes clean and tidy. oven and fridge clean. The garbage cans emptied and trash bags of garbage in the containers provided for this purpose.
Removed sheets and put them on each bed. The cleaning done(kitchen, bathrooms, toilets and clean soil)
A cleaning fee of € 80 per apartment will be deducted from the deposit in case of non-compliance with this clause.

Waste separation: We encourage our tenants to respect minimum separation of waste: bottles and glasses must not be disposed of with household waste. Containers are available in all villages. For fans of compost, a place is provided beside the parking (only vegetable waste).
Also in the villages some containers are available for the recovery of plastic packaging and cardboard.

Users are responsible financially for any damage they might cause by their actions. They are responsible for any incidents or accidents that may occur to them or to others because of their failure to comply with this Regulation. They must comply with the charter and terms of use of WIFI.

Parking: Vehicles must be parked in the spaces provided at the entrance of the terrain and will not stay in front of the cottage outside the periods of loading and unloading.

Pets : Pets are welcome by arrangement before. However they should not wander alone and off leash. Any damage caused by an animal will be charged to the tenant entirely new replacement value. Amount levied directly on the deposit and completed by the tenant if the amount was above it.